Getting & Staying Fit this Winter with Indoor Fun

Looking to get and stay fit this winter? Go for fun indoor fitness classes that are beyond the traditional gym.

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Made any resolutions this year for staying healthy and fit? One month is down and there’s 11 more months to go, so if you haven’t started or simply want to make working out more fun, check out these options!

  • Dancing – There are dance classes of various forms for all ages. Dance your way to exercise. Find places for dance lessons here.
  • Yoga – It can work for the young and old helping the body, mind and soul. Practice yoga regularly to help with maintaining a healthy weight and increasing your flexibility and endurance. Find places for yoga here.
  • Martial Arts – Build skills for defense while exercising and strengthening your abilities. Select from various forms like karate, tae kwon do, jiu jitzu, kickboxing, or a mix of martial arts.  Find places for martial arts here.
  • Tennis – A game of tennis will definitely have you moving and active. While commonly played during warmer weather, the sport can still be enjoyed at indoor courts during the winter. Find tennis clubs and centers here.
  • Swimming – Want a full body exercise? Get it through swimming. Long Island is home to several indoor swimming pools with some places also offering water exercise classes. Find indoor swimming pool centers here.

And for those looking for upcoming events with a fitness aspect to it, consider:

Photo by Carlos Alberto Brocco, via Free Images.