LI Wines Shine Big in 2009 Wine Report

Written by wineries  |  29. January 2009

Long Island Wines Shine Big in Internationally Acclaimed Wine Report 2009!
I was excited to receive the newest copy of Tom Stevenson1/2s Wine Report. In reviewing this book below, I was elated that Long Island wines received notable praise! Considering that the North Atlantic region consists of New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Long Island wines rated extremely high.
The 100 Most Exciting Wines-Global This is a list of the author1/2s favorite wines all over the world. Two LI wines made the list.
-Bedell 2005 Reserve Merlot, North Fork Long Island $48
-Channing Daughters 2006 Sauvignon, Hamptons $24
Atlantic Northeast Region Best Vintages 2005 Vintage Rating: Red 92, White 90 2002 Vintage Rating: Red 90, White 94
Greatest Wine Producers-Top Ten List North East Region (40%) -Wolffer #2 -Bedell #3 -Lenz #4 -Paumanok #5
Greatest-Quality Wines Top Ten List North East (50%) #1-Grapes of Roth, 2002 Merlot (Roman Roth, winemaker at Wolffer) #2-Bedell, 2005 Reserve Merlot #3-Wolffer, 2003 Estate Selection Merlot #4-Lenz, 2001 "Old Vines" Cabernet Sauvignon #5-Paumanok, 2005 "Assemblage" Bordeaux-Style Blend
Long Island wines did not make the Best-Value Producers List. That was not surprising, as the region does not produce enough volume of wine to compete on price.
Wine Report 2009 Author: Tom Stevenson Rating: Excellent Publisher: DK Books Format: Soft Cover, 432 pages Price: $15.00 Web Page: http://us.dk.com ISBN 9780756639839
Tom Stevenson is one of the world's most respected wine authors. He is best known for overseeing the Sothebys Wine Encyclopedia. His latest version of the Wine Report provides aficionados with valuable inside information about all of the world's significant wine regions. Stevenson has assembled an impressive group of regional experts who feed him updates on vintage quality, best value producers, up and comers, most exciting or unusual finds.
Each addition of the Wine Report is reborn with fresh information, regional news and developments through its grapevine category. Stevenson provides the reader with just enough information to high spot through a tasting of unfamiliar wines. Are you planning to travel to Israel for the first time? Here is your solution to prevent looking like a neophyte when the waiter hands you the wine list. This book is small enough to fit in your jacket. You can secretly look up top producers, indigenous grape varietals and best vintages. Then order a bottle of Golan Heights 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon, without looking stupid! CD ----------

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