Top 10 Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas!

Looking to propose to your significant other this Valentine's Day? Check out these ideas!

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Photo by: Shutterstock

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many brave men will be asking their significant others for their hand in marriage. This is the most romantic time of the year and many women will be looking for that perfect gift, the gift of a lifelong commitment. But sometimes men need some help with coming up for the perfect way to propose to their girlfriend. It is the biggest and most important question anyone will ever ask after all. Here are some creative and romantic ways that you can pop the question!

1.     If you have a great story of how the two of you met then why not return to the same place for your proposal! Any girlfriend will think it’s adorable that you remembered where you met and it makes the relationship come full circle. Remind of her of the first time you visited there, then get down on one knee and pop the question!

2.     Look around you, there are many great parks and beaches that Long Island offers. And what woman doesn’t love a romantic walk on the beach or in the park? Contact your local park and see if there is anything they can do to make the night more special for you before you ask her to marry you!

3.     If you and your sweetheart are movie lovers than head out for a night at the theater! Most movie theaters offer space for ads and such before previews, make a video proposing and pop the question in front of the whole theatre!

4.     If you’re going on a romantic vacation for the upcoming holiday then use the plane you’re flying in! Ask to make an announcement over the loudspeaker and then use the rest of the vacation to celebrate your new engagement!

5.     If you’re looking to do something simply sweet and romantic then propose to her when she’s asleep! Put the ring on her finger and then wake her up with champagne, strawberries, and breakfast! At first she’ll think it’s just a romantic gesture until she notices the ring on her finger!

6.     For the caffeine addict, include the proposal in her everyday routine! Paint the bottom of her coffee cup with the words “Marry Me”. She’ll be in for a big surprise when she finishes the cup!

7.     For the sweet tooth out there, use her favorite box of chocolate or cookies! Take out a few pieces in the middle and stick the ring box in there! She’ll love the thoughtfulness and the added dessert!

8.     Any man who has a girlfriend who would rather stay in and read a book than go out will love this idea! Buy a copy of one of her favorite books (don’t take HER copy) and cut out a square in the pages. Stick the ring in there and write, “Will You Marry Me?” across the page for the perfect bookworm proposal!

9.     A simple and romantic proposal involves just you, some candles, and your living room. Invite your girlfriend over for a romantic dinner and spell out the words “Will Your Marry Me?” in votive candles across the room. She’ll love the homey and romantic gesture.

10. Last but not least a fun and creative way to propose is a scavenger hunt! Take her through all your favorite places you’ve been together and end it with her finding you down on one knee!