Written by karate  |  28. January 2007

The martial art of jiujitsu has had a resurgence of notoriry in the last decade. This can mostly be attributed to UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and the art of Brazilian Jiujitsu. With The Gracie family being the most acomplised and famous. The UFC format is very friendly to the jiujitsu martial artist because it has a small fighting area and is surrounded by a steel fence. Most every match ends up on the ground . This is where a jiujitsu fighter is most dangerous. They are the masters of joint manipulations and lockout which can be very devastating and painful. Jiujitsu is called a "Parent Art" because it is believed to have formed the basis of Aikido,Judo and Karate.In my school we have incorporated jiujitsu into our Kempo Training because of its great groundfighting and takedown techniques. Jiujitsu was originated in Japan. Its system of combat and self defense do not use weapons. Most Police Departments and The Military train recruits in the basics of jiujitsu.

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