Manasarovar - Holiest place in Tibet.

Krak des Chevaliers is a one of the largest and the most beautiful castle situated above the sea level. This castle was made under the kings order and now the castle has been remained only ...

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Krak des Chevaliers

is located near the Homs in Syria. This site is recognized as the most popular Crusader Castle. This castle is also called as the castle of the knights. It is the best castle preserved in the world magnificently located at the above sea level around 2300 feet high. Krak des Chevaliers is known as the most popular castle and attracts many visitors to visit in the central Syria. This castle was built in the years between 1142 and 1271 under the order by Knights of St. John. The total area of the Krak des Chevaliers covers around 3 hectares at the top of the height and to make this around 4000 men's were needed. This castle is divided into two main parts, the outer wall with 13 towers and the inner wall. The two walls are been separated by a moat which was earlier used to bath and was water to the horse, but today the moat has remained with the stagnant water.


is a holy place with various sacred lakes preserved in it. This place is a scared site for many Hindus. The cosmology of Hindu and Buddhist is at the Mount Kailash which is at the center of the world. Manosarovar is the blend of Asia's four great rivers. It lies at the west of Tibetan part between the Mt. Gurla Mandhata and Mt. Kailash. In this place you can find fresh water in the lake, so it is rewarded as the world's highest freshwater lake. Many pilgrim people come here in this pilgrimage to make one self pure by taking a dip in one of the lakes. Manasarovar has an extraordinary site of cold mountains, colorful views and greenery all over which seeks the attention of many travelers.

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