Tips for Building the Perfect Snow Fort

Written by Eric Anderson  |  24. January 2015

Looking outside, we can see that the expected nor’easter gave us a good amount of snow last night. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to build a snow fort, and if you don’t get around it don’t worry! The winter is hardly over, and we will most likely get hit with another snow storm.
So when you do get chance to build one here are some tips on making the perfect snow fort:
Plan ahead
Depending on how much snow you have access to and where you want to build your fort, your structure can take on lots of different shapes and sizes. Some forts are small simple trenches, while others can be complex with four walls and a roof. Have an idea of what you want to build beforehand, and make measurements so you know how big it will end up being.
Double-check your snow beforehand
Make sure the snow is good for packing. Sometimes snow can be very loose, making it almost impossible to use for a snow fort. If you can’t make a good snowball, you won’t be able to make a good snow fort!
Use the snow from your driveway
If you just shoveled the driveway and have a pile of snow sitting close by, be sure to make good use of it for your snow fort.
Make snow bricks
You can use any large box or container - so long as it’s water proof - to make building bricks with snow. Just pack the box tight with snow and/or ice and stack the bricks on top of one another. You can also use cold water to make ice bricks that are more sturdy.
Use cold water
In addition to using cold water for ice bricks, you can also pour it over your fort once it’s done. Once the water ices over your fort will stay standing as long as possible.
Photo by katkelly22 via Free Images.

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