Martial Arts Instructors

Written by karate  |  20. January 2008

There are many ways to refer to a Martial Arts Instructor. The most common term used in referring or addressing your instructor is "sensei".Sensei means to most teacher or instructor, but I prefer the Eastern meaning. "One who has walked the path before me. In my opinion the sensei is the most important part of any Martial Arts Training. A sensei (teacher) must posess many skills. A Black Belt alone does make a good instructor. A Good Instructor must have good fundemental skills in the art he teaches and must be able to communicate these skills to his student. I have been quoted that you should train the body and spirit together. This means that not only to learn a martial art technique but also completly understand its application .A good instructor can teach the newest student and an advanced student. The Instuctor can train you both physically and mentally. I believe also that the best instructors are good role models. The keep their appearance manicured and stay in top phyical condition. "LEAD BY EXAMPLE" is what you'll hear me my Instructor staff. My instructors also represent our schools in Martial Arts Competions either karate, MMA or Kickboxing. A good Instructor will bring the most out of a Martial Arts Student. He will learn the ways of Good Citizenship, Physical Fitness,and Self Defense. This can also be referred to as the code of The Bushido or Samurai. Call us for a FREE Trial Program 1(866)95-KARATE As always I leave you with this message. A teacher can open the door...but a student must chhose to pass thu the doorway...

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