For every Bride there is a season for her wedding...

Written by wedding-planning  |  20. January 2005

You've planned your whole life for this day. One day. That's it. That's all you get. It could rain, it could pour. It could snow, there could be a hurricane, n'oreaster, tropical storm or worse yet...it could be so sweltering hot that you have sweat stains on your gown and make-up running down your face. I know these aren't pretty pictures and this is NOT how you envisioned your special day. But, that is why you have to be sure that even though your favorite month of the year is December you don't plan a tent wedding even though you enjoy the snow and think it would look pretty. We have to be realistic when it comes to making all your dreams come true. If you absolutely can't stand the thought of it snowing on your wedding day. Have it in the spring or summer. Don't like rain? Don't have a tent wedding...because unless you can handle the fact that it is raining all over your wedding day, you do not want to be outside in it with that constant reminder. Below are some suggestions for your wedding with regard to choosing the right venue for your wedding to match your favorite time of year. January, February & March-- Indoors April & May --We would recommend having it Indoors but you can possibly do an outdoor tent wedding if you don't mind the possibility of rain. And have your guests bring sweaters or jackets as it is still a bit chilly. June July and August -Outdoor tent weddings are fine. You may want to consider using Fans and Air Conditioning units. Beach and Nautical Yacht weddings are recommended as well. September is hurricane season month. If you want a beach or Nautical Yacht Wedding, this is NOT the month to have it. Tent weddings are still do-able, just be mentally prepared for the possibility of inclement weather. October & November are sometimes still warm enough to have a tent wedding. If not you can always use the portable heating units. If you love fall, this is the perfect time of year for a Vineyard Wedding at a winery on the East End of Long Island. Your pictures will pop with the colors of all the fall foliage. December --Christmas and New Years Eve holiday themes are beautiful recommendations if you love December. The decorating possibilities are endless. And the color choices for flowers and bridal party gowns are fabulous and Faux Fur wraps for you and your bridal Party are an exquisite way to wrap up for the holidays. You'll look gorgeous and so will your photos! Remember, this is just a guideline. If you have dreamed of something for your entire life and what it a certain way, in a certain place at a certain time of year...then just keep in mind that you need to be flexible with your expectations of how your weather might turn out that day. If you know that it won't affect you, then by all means plan that Yacht wedding for September. Just don't forget your Dramamine and bring enough for all your guests, too. ---------- About the Expert: Fran Koltun is the owner of Cordially Yours, a full service wedding coordinator and party planner dedicated to providing clients with exceptional service no matter how big or small the event. Article written by Fran Koltun's Assistant, Charlotte Stevenson.

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