Obesity Facts and Issues

Written by Deepak  |  18. January 2011

Obesity is a health status that affects approximately forty percent of adults and more than twenty percent of young children. Obesity Facts are related many of the socio-economic factors, environmental surroundings and lifestyles. Obesity can also be affected through genetic conditions. Many types of illness like Hypothyroidism, depression or Cushing syndrome can also lead to obesity. The lifestyle habits like having poor diet, low level of everyday work, some kind of mental illnesses also causes obesity. The condition of obesity causes many other health conditions like heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, breathing problems during sleeping time, cancer and even diseases related to bones. Many times, it becomes a genetic and lead to many endocrine disorders. Nowadays, obesity also affects the children and adolescents in a large number. A survey says that since the last decades, this health condition has affected a number of children. The children who are suffering with the illness diabetes, blood cholesterol, liver diseases etc. The parents should make a proper routine and time schedule for a child's meals and other works. Children should be given enough of yoghurt or ice creams, fruit juices etc. Children should have an intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. The childhood obesity facts mostly have a relation with genes or hereditary issues.Obesity in every age can be severe. Some of the illnesses like Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, diseases related to gallbladder and fatty liver disease, Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GRED and even Gout. The patient can also suffer with many of the psychological and emotional sickness and certain types of cancer.effects of obesity are increasing in many countries like the US. Some of the mental health issues can also cause due to obesity. The people suffering with the health issue generally neglect to be more in socialism and are emotionally low. For more information please visit- http://www.perfecthealthhub.com

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