Chemotherapy for breast cancer- Destroy the cancer cells

Written by Deepak  |  18. January 2011

Breast cancer is a word which is very scary and feels like the earth is sinking. For a woman it is very risky that one is suffering from a breast cancer. The DCIS breast cancer is basically a beginning of the breast cancer. The actual meaning of DCIS is Ductal Carinoma in Situ. Which means this breast cancer is formed in the ducts part of the breast. This problem is curable if taken proper medication. if compared the breast cancer is a long time disease as compared to the DCIS breast cancer. The DCIS cells are found growing rapidly in the ducts of the breast. But this cell does not damage or affect any other body part. In the storage of the milk ducts these cells are to be found.The percentage of the breast cancer in DCIS breast cancer is very low that is to 0%. The level of breast cancer is high and stages to the last stage, but in this case the level of the stage is 0%. The mostly used treatment for the DCIS breast cancer is the chemotherapy for breast cancer. In this treatment the medicines are been used to weaken the cell or kill the cells of breast cancer. This breast cancer is a silent killer disease which triggered and killed many women's around the globe. The cells are too risky, so before it grows more one have to consult the doctor for further treatment. The aim of the Chemotherapy for breast cancer is to get rid from the cancer cells which are present in the ducts and also it removes the rest of the cells which are been remained after the surgery. If the cells are not been removed totally or damaged then it can invite the cancer back. In this therapy the cells are to be shrine before the surgery so that it makes the surgery easier to remove the cancer. You can get more information about it on- http://www.totalhealthguide.net

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