Indoor Activies & Things To Do With The Kids

Written by families  |  18. January 2008

By Amy Platt, LIParentSource.com Now that winter is in full force on Long Island, many parents are looking for indoor activites to do with their children that are fun and relatively inexpensive. Here are some great ideas for the coming cold months! Baking - Kids love to eat cookies, so what's better than helping mom or dad make them? This is also a great way for kids to learn different things such as healthier eating habits, how to measure and various math and reading skills, and is a great activity for kids 2 years old and over. What you decide to bake doesn't have to be fancy - use box cookie mix or even the already made batter - let the kids spoon it onto the cookie sheet. They will love being involved and seeing their finished product (and eating it!). Spaghetti Art - This is simple to prepare and kids LOVE it because they think it's messy! Boil some spaghetti; include a few drops of olive oil so it doesn't clump together. When ready, run it under cold water. Kids can press the spaghetti onto paper to make whatever design they wish. Once they are done, cover with wax paper and put something heavy on it until it dries. Camping - Kids will love to cover your dining room table or couch with a big sheet. Break out the flashlights, make tunnels with some chairs and let them camp indoors. They can bring their books, stuffed animals or other toys inside. Collage - Helping kids identify items or words that they like in a magazine, cut them out and glue them to a piece of construction paper to make a collage. You can pick pictures by a theme such as "Things that start with the letter A" or "Things that you like to eat". Kids will have a great time and not even realize that they are learning. Indoor Picnic - Make lunch and pack it in a basket. Bring it into your living room or den, spread a blanket on the floor and pretend that you and your child are outside eating lunch. Your child can draw pictures of things he likes or what she wishes the weather were like outside. Using your imagination with your child is amazingly fun. Yoga - Most local libraries have DVDs of video tapes of Mommy & Baby Yoga or Yoga for Kids. Borrow one of these videos and practice the different poses with your child. You will both be getting exercise and enjoying the calmness of yoga. ---------- Amy Platt is a Plainview native who now lives in Syosset with her husband Craig, two young children and dog. In 2006, Amy & Craig launched LIParentSource.com, an online guide that centralizes resources for Long Island families. Through LIParentSource.com, they are able to offer support to Long Island families by providing information on various family related topics. Visit LIParentSource.com for great information helping parents throughout Long Island.

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