PJ Art Co. Offers New Airbrush Paints

Written by Hank Russell  |  17. January 2011

CENTEREACH, NY - PJ Art Co. announces it is offering two new lines of airbrush paints from Createx: Auto-Air and Createx Wicked. PJ Art Co. offers the following Auto-Air Automotive Colors: Aluminum Base Course, Aluminum Base Fine, Hot Rod Sparkle White, Iridescent, Metallic, Pearl, Semi Opaque, and Transparent. These colors are ideal for custom automotive design applications and can be used with an airbrush with a needle of 0.5 millimeter or larger. Metallic colors include Blue Silver, Copper, Gold, Silver, White Course and White Fine. Iridescent colors are available in either Brite Yellow or Electric Blue. Pearl colors include Black, Blue, Lime Green, Plum, Red and White. Semi Opaque is available in 13 different colors and Transparent is available in eleven other colors. Createx Wicked Paints are suitable for any substrate from fabric to automotive applications. These ultra-high-performance paints dry to a semi-gloss finish and can be used for airbrushes with tip sizes as small as 0.2 millimeter. Wicked Colors is available in 15 different colors and Wicked Colors Detail is available in 23 different colors. Createx Wicked Colors can be used on metals, fabrics and model parts. They can also be used in nail salons for creating unique nail designs for pedicures and manicures. For more information, call 1 (866) PJARTCO (752-7826), or (631) 676-7043. For more information, visit the website at www.pjartco.com. ### About PJ Art Company PJ Art Co. (formerly Port Jefferson Artist Colony) is the largest supplier of artists' products on Long Island. Among the products they offer include Gamblin oils, airbrush compressors, canvas, architectural products, drafting tables, markers, pens, inks and children's art supplies. PJ Art Co. also has a website where customers can order online, and a toll-free number for any questions about any of the products. Children's and adult classes are offered. For more information, call 1 (866) 752-7826 or (631) 676-7043, or visit www.pjartco.com.

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