Create Something New

Written by yoga-meditation  |  17. January 2005

This New Year, Create Something New Happy New Year. Although most people ring in the New Year resolved to slim down their looks and fatten up their bank books, there is one constant wish that we all have and need to focus more attention towards - connecting to our true selves. To know oneself takes a lifetime, and the practice of yoga can help us in our journey towards inner knowledge - and, get this, to discovering our own creativity. The beauty of yoga is that it unites mind, body and spirit. At the end of my classes during our meditation phase, I always ask my students to place one hand on their chest, near their heart center and the other hand on their abdomen, near their energy center. This combination of passion and will is an effective way to manifest our vision of ourselves and for ourselves in the world. The "fire in our belly," so to speak, can ignite us to create, just as the sun nurtures the earth. Think of your body as an artist's easel. Through breathing techniques, balancing postures and meditation, you have the ability to erase the slate clean and to paint your picture. To find your true colors. To create your own vision. To see the world anew. Now, when most of us hear the word "creativity," we immediately think of a painter or photographer or singer or dancer or writer. But creativity is not limited to works of literature or music or art. It's the way you cook a meal, decorate your bedroom, wear your hair, put together an outfit or organize your scrapbook or sock drawer. It's the way you present your unique self to the world. How can yoga get you in touch with your creative self? The best time to find out who you are is in silence. In quiet moments, we listen to ourselves. A united mind, body and spirit create peace. A person at peace wants to and needs to share a part of himself. And that part, that essence (hidden in the heart center and driven by the energy center) is waiting to be introduced into the world this year. May you believe in yourself to create your true self. I hope to see you in class...or, at least creating something new. Namaste.

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