Vocal About Valentine Affection -- Tuxedo-attired barbershop quartets will offer the "perfect pitch" in expressing affection on behalf of those who wish to accomplish it musically via singing Valentines personally-delivered Feb. 13, 14 and 15 ...

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FOR: The Nassau Mid-Island Chapter Barbershop Harmony Society

WESTBURY, LONG ISLAND, NY - Candy may be dandy along with traditional Valentines cards, but, says the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the impact of love songs personally delivered, is extremely hard to beat. "The singing of four-part harmony by Chapter members on behalf of the romantically inclined." says Joel Fairman, this year's Valentines chairman for the organization, "has annually become the 'perfect pitch' in expressing special affection, eliciting blushes, appreciative laughter and sometimes an emotional tear or two from recipients."

Over the course of three days (February 12th, 13th and Valentine's Day -- Tuesday the 14th), members of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter will be fanning out into communities of Nassau County and Western Suffolk to sing two love songs in homes, work places, schools and elsewhere; as well as to deliver silk roses and written messages on behalf of those who wish to surprise and delight someone with this novel approach.

Performed in perfect harmony by a talented foursome dressed in tuxedos and bright red bow ties, the singing Valentines are offered at a cost of $50 per prearranged presentation, with the barbershop quartets arriving unannounced at predetermined locations.

Requests for the "Hear and Now" Valentines -- an annual fund-raiser by the nonprofit chapter -- are currently being accepted for the three days on a schedule-available basis between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm each day.

For further information and arrangements for such a presentation call 516-521-9534.

The local Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of Barbershop Harmony Society (largest such Chapter on Long Island), is part of a national organization numbering approximately 25,000 members, and is one of over 800 chapters in the US and Canada with affiliated organizations around the globe. Under the direction of Maurice Debar, its Long Island Harmonizers chorus rehearses Tuesday evenings at Winthrop Hall, Church of the Advent, 555 Advent Street, in Westbury at 8 pm, and welcomes new members throughout the year. The organization's website is at