Tribes in Africa- Demystifying African Culture and People.

Since everyone knows Africa is known best placed for the wildlife and adventure, it also the best place where you can find soft hearted African people with different culture, tradition and also the belief of ...

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There are much different kind of people and groups found in the continent of Africa. Different the types of group different there are the culture, rituals and tradition. The race of African people is black. The tribes in Africa are full in diversity and with natural people and landscape. The hair, skin and color of the

African people

are the adaptation of living in Africa. There are different types of tribes in Africa and also the African people lets check in the alphabetical order. Basically there are more than 410 tribes in Africa. Amhara-This people are super ethnic in culture and political. The culture of this people is Christianity with the Ethiopian Orthodox. Afar-this people live primarily in Ethiopia and in the horn of Africa. The religion of this people is mostly Moslem. Ashanti-The Ashanti people live in western Africa in the part of central Ghana. They are the more ethnic groups of Akans for more than 50 years.

Bakongo-in the African people the Bakongo people are also called as kongo and they live in the Atlantic coast of Africa. Bambara-this group are in large amount of Mande racial located in the country of Mali. The language spoken here is Bamana and the religion they follow is Muslim with the traditional beliefs. Bushmen/San-Bushmen people are the oldest people in Southern Africa. There home is in Kalahari Desert. Basically they don't have names so they call themselves as Bushman, San or Basarwa. Chewa-it is known as cewa or Chichewa in the African culture. They are primarily located in the Zambia, Zimbabwe with the population of Malawi. The language they speak is the Chichewa, chinyanja or banti. Dogon- among the

tribes in Africa

they are the unique for developing their own culture in the midst of Islamic.

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