Believe and Build Wealth

Written by hypnosis  |  13. January 2005

Your financial health is determined by your thoughts and emotions. Through a form of self-hypnosis, you have developed rooted ideas and emotions about money. Take this quick test to help uncover yours. Without contemplating your answer, complete this sentence within two seconds: "Money is __________." If you are like most, your response was "The root of all evil" or something close to it. Examine your response. Does your answer reveal a limiting or an empowering belief about money? A pessimistic answer demonstrates a long held negative belief in regards to your financial well being. If you are experiencing lack, it is due to your belief system. You will automatically attract into your life, either directly or indirectly, real tangible evidence that repeatedly proves this view. You then think, "See, I am correct. Money doesn't come easily." Your belief is reinforced by what your mind, consciously or subconsciously, focuses on. Believe that something is so and your mind and body will create that reality. Donald Trump "believes" that making money is easy. If he lost everything tomorrow, he would simply begin amassing wealth again. To him, making money is easy; his core belief makes it simple. How many of us truly believe that? How many people can pay their bills and not be concerned with the amount leaving their bank accounts? Not many. To master your financial health you must master your beliefs. Take time to assess your core financial beliefs and write down your opinions regarding money and wealth. If your beliefs are limiting [earning money is difficult, you have to work very hard to make money, you have to be lucky, etc.] then recognize that, just like your health, you also create your financial situation. Rethink and then re-write new beliefs. Believe that you will be financially abundant and don't look back. Exercise your new empowering beliefs. It will take some time, but keep practicing until you see results. For example, train yourself to no longer dread paying the bills. Replace the feeling of dread that previously accompanied bill paying with a new belief such as, "I can't believe how fortunate I am. Each month my bank accounts seem to fill themselves, almost magically." If you laugh as you say this to yourself then all the better. By laughing, you change your attitude and emotions associated with paying bills. Trust that you will always have enough to pay your bills and, in fact, that you will always enjoy excess funds. Watch as your thoughts and emotions create your new reality regarding money and wealth. Money is not a measure to be used to judge a person's character or successfulness. It is simply our chosen societal means of exchanging goods and services. Start being as concerned with your character and the "quality" of your life as you are with finances and watch your existence suddenly take on a whole new meaning. The abundance will find you.

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