When life hands you lemons you make........what's it called?

Written by lisingles  |  13. January 2004

So hooray. New Year, new start and here I am 13 days in - Unemployed. Yep, thats right. After 5 years together the company I worked for decided that I no longer "Met their expectations" so they let me go. And its funny because they're calling it a 'Seperation agreement' and funnily enough when I got the paperwork on monday in the mail - it was drawn up almost identical to a divorce. But what can you do? Atleast I got a nice severance package.... So to celebrate my release from said marriage I went out to have a good time, shake things up a bit. Just looking for some good karma, since i've had so much bad lately. So I went out Thursday night to Saints and Sinners in Hauppague. I love the bar to begin with but a friends band was playing so even better. As Tall As Lions (http://www.astallaslions.com) was amazing and they just got done recording their album. they're also from Long Island so I got to spread the love and Mention that they'll be playing the Downtown in Farmingdale on the 21st and you should ALL go. If for no other reason than to meet me. Then after the show i went out with some co-workers (ex co-workers now) and we partied away til 5:30am. Good times. Then saturday the best thing happened. I went to Bell Blvd. in Queens with a girlfriend of mine and met HIM. A man, not a boy. 30, cute as hell, 100% Irish, and a NYPD cop. I was in heaven. So we chatted a lot and exchanged numbers and guess what? He called me Monday night and we have plans to go out Friday night. So maybe when life throws you teh curveball you didn't expect its for a reason. I mean, I hated going to work everyday so I look at it as a blessing. And atleast now i'm free from demons of the past and I can rebuild some place new where teh only expectations i'll have to meet - are my own. Happy 2004 - its gonna be one hell of a ride!

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