Saturday's Top 10: The Weather & Change of Plans

Written by Debbi Spiegel  |  12. January 2013

The weather is a hot topic, no pun intended.  There are some Long Islanders who love the snow and cold, blustery temperatures.  While there are others who are celebrating global warming.  We are like Goldilocks and the porridge!  This weather is too hot, this weather is too cold, this weather is just right.

So far 2013 has been disappointing  to just about all of us.  When I saw the forecast with temperatures in the high 50's, I had some great outdoor ideas.  The reality is, I heard a meteorologist saying "it is yucky outside" made me laugh.  The dense fog and chilly, raw air is just not pleasant.  There is also a chance of showers tonight and tomorrow. 

This crazy weather has also wreaked havoc on my editorial calendar.  I wanted to write about the best hills for sledding or having Spring fever in January (like we had on Thursday).  And we are just not getting either.  It is a perfect day to eat soup, snuggle on the couch, catch one of the Oscar nominated movies, hit the mall or take a nap.

Well, here are some indoor and outdoor options for the weekend.

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