100% pure cotton canvas is ideal for wall art prints says Mark

Written by Canvasdezign  |  12. January 2012

Mark Holmen is a famous person who is mainly associated with interior designers to guide them as a mentor. We have to wait for 4 months to fix a meeting with Mark as his busy schedule creates problem for guests, but after so much waiting we got an appointment for discussing choices on wall art prints material. In this post we will go through the discussion about the choices of material for canvas and how important it is to get the best prints by taking advantages of latest techniques developed by engineers to make the process convenient for developers. Some of the facts that will make us understand how amazing a wall art can look after developing it through utilization of digital methods. Mark says: it is important to go with materials that are superior in quality and does not loose its natural texture and shine due to atmospheric changes. Common problem we all face is of loosening of canvas on frame after sometime, and it is the remedy we cant sort out without help of an expert developer, we asked Mark about the issue, and Mark Says: it is quite a common problem and lots of people ask me about that, I want to help people with most convenient option for them, and a canvas will not loosen up after time if it is of 100% pure cotton fibers as linen canvas cloths does not resist the changes and they loose firmness. Cotton threads are temperature resistant if processed with binding chemicals at the time of manufacturing, Canvas prints developed on 100% pure cotton will remain the same for years and does not create problems for the people. Tensile strength of cotton is greater then that of linen hence it is preferable to go for pure cotton canvas when it comes to development of a fine piece of canvas prints. Mark also tells about the patterns which are dust resistant and does not catch dust particles on surface, a canvas print should be covered with gelatin paper so as to avoid entrapment of dust particles on print, as these particles may react with moisture content and will harm the texture of printing ink. According to Mark: choice of material for printing should of a branded name, as the local brands are not good for long durations, and may get affected by atmospheric changes. Epson ink is better when it comes to printing by digital method, canvas art prints developed by digital method will not generate issues for decades and you don't have to look for maintenance of those prints. Canvas art is a printing company based in UK, and providing stunning pieces of canvas art prints to the clients since a long time. You can place order for canvas prints of various themes by visiting Canvas art prints in your web browser.

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