Via Dolorosa- A Holy Street in Jerusalem.

Mount Fuji is known as the holy place among the other three in Japan and Via Dolorosa is the most popular place filled with population of Catholics on the streets where Jesus walked carrying the ...

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Mount Fuji

is one of the highest mountains found in Japan. This mountain is an active strato volcano with the height of 12,389 ft. it lies just 60 miles from the south west part of Tokyo. Mount Fuji is the symbol of Japan with the beautiful sightseeing and climbers and photographers. Most of the photographers come with their camera to take the snap of the exotic view and landscaping. The climbers are mostly found trekking or hiking in this mountain. It is known as the best places for vacation and also an adventurous one. To reach to the Mount Fuji the closest transport is the Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport. The facilities of routes are available for the climbers to reach Mount Fuji. The peak of the mountain is covered with snow and it pierces the sky. The Mount Fuji is so high that it could be visible from the aerial view and looks stunning. If you want to explore in Fuji the worth watching is the sunrise and sunset in the Mount Fuji.
Many visitors prefer visiting this place for adventurous holiday.

Via Dolorosa

is a street in Jerusalem. It is not only a common street but it is known as a holy street. This street in Latin is known as "a way of grief" or "way of suffering". Via Dolorosa is a place where the lord Jesus walked carrying the cross on the way to his own crucifixion. In the city of Jerusalem two parts are divided one is the old city of Jerusalem and other is the current route since the 18th century. Many of the visitors visit this and worship in the name of Lord Jesus.
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