Welcome 2008 ... A year that rhymes with "Great"

Written by hypnosis  |  12. January 2008

The wonderful thing about a new year is that the possibilities for adventure and wonderful events are endless. The feeling of "out with the old and in with new" can leave us with a fresh feeling of renewal and excitement. Rather than attempt the traditional New Year's resolutions, why not think of a way that you can simply make your life happier this year than last year? Start by eliminating the words "should" and "need," as in "I need to get a better a job" or "I should lose 10 pounds." Instead of focusing on the negative that you want to fix, look at the situation from a new angle. Pose this question to yourself: "What can I do this year that will make me happier than last year?" Allow yourself to feel the joy in the possibilities. "I want to enjoy the foods and body movement that make me feel more fit and free." "I will discover a form of exercise that I love." A task that is a pleasure is easier to commit to. Think about what you want and direct your energy towards letting it happen. If you would love to visit Italy, for example, take a book out of the library about learning Italian. It will help direct your energy and thoughts into allowing the trip to become more possible. 2008 is unwritten. Being mindful that your thoughts and beliefs create your reality will thrust you toward the happiness you want this year. It's all there for you. Truly, Happy New Year!

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