What's so special about birds?

Written by wildbirds  |  12. January 2001

Birds are special because THEY can fly and we can't (I'm not counting the big metal things with wings, it's just not the same!) Actually, the specialness of birds endures because there is a bird for every taste and personality. Beautiful, colorful, and delicate, or... Big, ugly and strong. Intelligent and tricky, or... dumb but kinda cute. Birds live just about everywhere and have just about every kind of lifestyle you can imagine. There's always a bird any individual can find fascinating. That's why people ask so many questions about birds. "Which is the biggest?" Depends on what you mean, longest wings? Tallest? Heaviest? Which bird flies farthest? Why do birds fly south in winter? And whaddya mean Blue Jays aren't really blue?? I will regularly post questions here, the ones that are either timely or are asked the most. For example, Do birds feet really freeze to a metal perch? Answer: No! The skin on a birds feet and legs is hard and dry, with very little moisture underneath the skin, so even in very cold weather they don't freeze to the perch, even though your toungue might! I await your questions!! Ritch

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