Women's Self Defense Workshop

Written by karate  |  10. January 2010

The American Academy of Self Defense in Deer Park will be teaching a WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE WORKSHOP in the Spring. We strongly believe that in todays ever changing and dangerous world it is "VITAL" to learn basic self defense. Women of all ages from housewives to corporate America need to empower themselves against all the bad we see and hear in the news. Renowned Expert Maria DiDio will be the Instructor for this one day workshop. Ms DiDio will use her 25 years of martial arts and teaching experience to help other women in taking control in todays dangerous enviornment. Maria is a recognized "self defense" expert and martial arts champion. Her latest achievement was a GOLD MEDAL in the Pan Am Masters Tournament. The Workshop will focus on proper self defense techniques and vital striking areas. You will also learn "legal weapon training*". Empowerment,Confidence and Breathing techniques will be taught. A main focus of this seminar will be REAL WORLD SITUATIONAL SCENARIOS . In other words you will be taught what will happen and how to counter and take back control. The workshop will conclude with a Question and Answer period. This Workshop is a one day event and limited to only 25 sign ups on a first come basis. Other Workshops and Seminars will be taught later in the year. Questions and Registration . Call us at (631) 667-5001

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