How to Market Successfully to a Wider Range of Prospects

Written by marketing-pr  |  10. January 2008

Advice from Angela Kambarian What is the most crucial part of copywriting? It's your ability to understand your readers. You should reach them on a few different levels-- emotional, psychological and personal. The more you have in common with the people you are writing to, the easier it will be to convince them. One marketing expert calls it "experience-based empathy". It means being able to relate to a person because you have common experience or background. This is a very powerful technique. You not only get inside the minds of your prospects, but you forge an instant connection with your readers. The more well-rounded your knowledge, and the more experience you have in life, the wider the range of audiences you can reach out to. Here is my solution. Expand your knowledge and experiences, but do so selectively. Read my suggestions below on how to market confidently to a wider range of prospects. 1.Read about many different fields and industries, not just marketing. 2.Seek out new experiences - sail, rock climb, feed the homeless at a shelter, build a new deck. 3.See popular movies, grossing over $100 million a year. 4.Adopt a dog or a cat from an animal shelter. This way you will experience emotions you might otherwise miss. 5.Whenever possible, buy and use your clients' products. Or own shares of their stock.

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