Winter Blues, far from blue….

Written by interior-design  |  10. January 2005

With the holidays a not-so-distant memory and the seasonal dcor waiting to be re-boxed and stashed deeply away, I invite you to re-visit this holiday tradition, "The Clean-Up." I say "Not So Fast!" don't Deep-6 everything! Leave some holiday cheer around to be remembered and appreciated year-round. So many of the homes I visit are lacking in meaningful accessories. An alternative would be to rescue a Waterford bowl from your china closet collection, unwrap the silver from the Saran and dust off that Lenox received from marriage number one. The concept? Use your meaningful items, year-round. No, I'm not suggesting leaving Santa's Stockings hanging thru September, but certainly there is nothing more special than adorning your Valentine's Day table with a sampling of special red Christmas ornaments or beautiful silver balls in a silver bowl. Laced with Hershey's Kisses of course! How about savoring some of those religious items that usually get packed away in January, on Easter or Passover? The goal is not to add clutter, but to add color and meaning to your home everyday. Live with gifts, treasured possessions and religious articles and the place you call home will truly be your "Home Sweet Home." 2005 Mindy Greenberg, Allied Member ASID

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