Chicago Blackhawks - January 9th, 2001

Written by islanders  |  10. January 2001

Another game, another game where the Islanders played well, but yet another loss. The Islanders played inspired hockey last night against the Chicago Blackhawks. They outshot Chicago 41-19 and spent a majority of the game in Chicago's end of the ice (especially in the first two periods). But as they have come too accustomed to, that wasn't enough. John Vanbiesbrouck was the culprit last night as he was off his game, looking sluggish and unprepared on the shots he saved, and just bad on a few of the goals before being lifted for Wade Flaherty. The Good:
  • The play of Tim Connolly. Despite the pressure for being the teams number one center at the age of 19 and only in his second season, he showed last night, and on most night the excellent ability to set up plays and make the opposition look bad. While he has been critized on a nightly basis for not shooting enough, he has started to show more confidence in his own shot, which has led to two goals in the last two games and several other shots that could have been a goal if not for the great saves by the opposing goaltenders.
  • The play of Oleg Kvasha. Has a pretty good game, going +1 for the night where the Islanders were doubled up. Had a lucky goal and played a decent two way game.
  • The large crowd was nice to see. Last night was a make up game sort-a speak for the game where the ice at the Islanders end was coming up and there was a 40 minute delay. As a result, many people were given extra seats to the game for free. Regardless, it was refreshing to see almost a full house for a weeknight game. The Bad:
  • The play of John Vanbiesbrouck. It's games like last night that make you wonder if Beeezer has anything left in him. I'm sure he does, but is it enough to help these Islanders steal a few games?
  • The calls to shoot the puck from people in the crowd. Will people please stop yelling out to the players to shoot the puck. We all know that the need to shoot the puck more, but to yell it whenever a player has the puck it pointless. Here are some basic rules for yelling "shoot the puck": 1) Do not yell it when the player with the puck is behind the net.. If they shoot it, it will end up behind the net, like i said.. pointless 2) Do no yell it when the player is all the way on the other side of the ice in the defensive zone. Sure the off ice officials might consider it a shot on goal, but unlike basketball where goaltending is illegal, it too is pointless. 3) There is generally no need to yell it if there are 3 opposing players standing right in front of the player with the puck and another opposing player in the midst of checking him. Chances are that if a shot were to be let go it would be bad.. and right to one of the 3 players with the puck. Let him pass it.. then yell "shoot the puck". The Ugly:
  • The score. 6-3
  • Save Percentage: 68% or only 13 saves in 19 opportunities is horrible in a league where less then 90% is considered poor.
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