Resolution Round Up: 10 Businesses Ready to Help You Get Organized

Written by Hannah M.  |  08. January 2012

Just about all New Year’s resolution lists include “get organized.” Whether it’s your house, your room, your car or your workspace being organized is key to a productive life. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind and it’s hard to get much of anything done if you’re mind is cluttered. A clean and organized home in more inviting for friends and family to visit as an organized desk space makes it easier to find documents and other paperwork you might need, reducing stress and frustration. You may want to turn to self-help books on the subject of organization and perhaps producing a more Zen-like atmosphere but if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have time to sit and read a book on organization. If you had that time you probably wouldn’t be reading this, am I right? So if you are like most people, and you don’t have a minute to spare to put things in their place, may we suggest a professional organizer? Long Island is rich with professionals looking to bring a harmonious atmosphere to wherever you may need it.

1.       Simply Organize Solutions – (631) 363-9208
15 Alexander, Blue Point

2.       Create New Order – (631) 979-9530
1 Main Street, Kings Park

3.       Organize Your Life – (631) 588-6435
11 Lake Lane

4.       Organized Life – (631) 889-1976
36 Park Avenue, Kings Park

5.       Organize Long Island – (631) 748-9778
PO Box 68, West  Islip

6.       In An Orderly Fashion – (631) 424-0944
Oakwood Place, Huntington

7.       Sort Your Mind, Organization – (631) 896-7100
Huntington Station

8.       Gold Coat Organizing – (516) 233-8945
734 Franklin Avenue, Garden City

9.       Your Professional Organizer – 1-800-479-0125
27 Montauk Highway, East Hampton

10.   To The Next Level – (631) 553-0068

11.   Organize Long Island – (631) 748-9778

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