Veritable Wealth Management Approved to Offer Dimensional Funds

Written by Tom Gounaris  |  08. January 2011

Sea Cliff, NY (PRWEB) December 10, 2010 Veritable Wealth Management, a conservative fee-only registered investment advisory firm has been approved to offer Dimensional Funds (DFA) to its clients. "Dimensional does not offer funds directly to individual investors. Instead, we choose to make our funds available through a select group of fee-only advisors. Investment success begins with a properly diversified portfolio. Constructing such a portfolio is a complicated process that can benefit from the guidance of a qualified, professional advisor. In our view, independent advisors free from the conflicts associated with commission-based transactions are best positioned to assist individual investors in developing long-term investment solutions." - Dimensional Fund Advisors "This is an important step for our firm," says Tom Gounaris, President and Founder of Veritable Wealth Management. "Unlike most investment firms, we have a fiduciary obligation to put the needs of our clients ahead of our own. We don't take this responsibility lightly. Giving our clients access to these exclusive funds will provide our clients with a low cost method of owning a highly diversified investment portfolio. These funds are among the most well regarded in the world for their low costs, and Nobel Prize winning pedigree of advisors and directors." About Veritable Wealth Management: As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, Veritable Wealth Management is not your typical investment company. While many investment brokers are obligated to sell a specific type of investment product, our independence allows us the freedom to choose investments that are client centric, rather than products that are designed to pay high commissions like annuities. Our clients can trust our integrity because of our commission-free model. Our investment philosophy is based on science, not speculation. Our strategies are time tested during good times and bad, with more than 80 years of data guiding our way. We are students of Modern Portfolio Theory. Our insights are not based on fleeting fads or hot money sector picks, but solutions that can be explained in a way our clients can understand. Custody and Clearing through Pershing, LLC. To learn more about Veritable Wealth Management, go to http://www.VeritableWealth.com or call 877-575-5797. # # #

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