Reddy Care OPhysical Therapy in Great Neck Utilizes NASA Inspired Technology

Reddy Care Offers New Weightless Treadmill For Rehabilitation and Training

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Great Neck, NY - January 4, 2012 -

Reddy Care Physical Therapy, a leading physical therapy practice in Great Neck,has added innovative, NASA inspired technology to the rehabilitation services and equipment it makes available to patients. Reddy Care is now the only physical therapy facility in Long Island and Queens to offer an anti-gravity treadmill for medical treatment and athletic training programs.

Combining the latest technology with physical therapy, the Alter-G treadmill makes possible a weightless workout, which enables faster rehabilitation, safer conditioning and weight loss. With the Alter-G, patients are able to run and walk without bearing their entire weight, reducing impact to optimize rehab and physical therapy outcomes.

Using the special treadmill, a patient's body is surrounded by an airtight enclosure which becomes pressurized. By controlling the amount of lifting force, the amount of body weight on lower extremities can be reduced by up to 80%. As a result, patients experience a faster return to range of motion, improved strength and flexibility and safer, more effective training.

" We are pleased to introduce the Alter-G treadmill to the physical therapy services we provide to patients," said Dr. Vinod Somareddy, founder and president of Reddy Care. " The exciting technology enables us to offer unique rehabilitation or training programs to a wide spectrum of patients- from post surgical seniors to athletic ,weekend warrior baby boomers."

Reddy Care Physical Therapy is located at 475 Northern Boulevard, Suite 11, Great Neck. For more information, call 516-829-0030,consult 0r visit on Twitter @reddycarept