Astoria Medical, Dental & LASIK Center Offers Patients the Ability to Schedule Appointments Online

Written by Hank Russell  |  04. January 2012

ASTORIA, NY (January 4, 2012) - Astoria Medical, Dental & LASIK Center (AMDLC) has announced that its doctors are now live on ZocDoc, a free service for patients that allows them to book their appointments online. Visitors can go on the website and make an appointment with primary care physicians, dermatologists, eye doctors, ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists, orthopedists, OB/GYNs, allergists, podiatrists, cardiologists, pediatricians, radiologists and psychiatrists in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Phoenix, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston and Miami. ZocDoc has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, New York Observer, Bloomberg Businessweek and Medical Economics, among others. With ZocDoc, patients choose the medical specialty, enter AMDLC's zip code (11102) and their insurance carrier, if they have one. Once they find one of AMDLC's doctors, they are able to see what days and times the doctor is available and set the appointment. The patient is then asked who the appointment is for, the reason for the visit, which insurance they plan to use and if they have seen this doctor before or if they are a new patient. Patients can also book an appointment on AMDLC's website by clicking on the "Book An Appointment" button, which will take them directly to the ZocDoc website. "We are pleased to offer patients the opportunity to book their appointments online, saving them time in the process," said Irfan Iqbal, President/Chief Executive Officer, AMDLC. "Patients can see what their doctors' availabilities are and make an appointment that fits into their busy schedules. With ZocDoc, we are offering patients flexible scheduling capabilities in addition to our quality medical, dental, eye and pediatric care." For more information about AMDLC, call (718) 873-9550 or visit www.astoriamed.com.

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