Venture Off into the Evening at your Travel Themed Wedding!

A wedding theme perfect for the couples who enjoy a great journey.

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The New Year is here which means resolutions and planning of all sorts are underway. For many, the year will bring a wedding that requires lots of planning and preparation. For others, it may mean starting a new diet or putting together a fun summer vacation. If you’re the type that loves to travel and are in the process of choosing a wedding theme, you may be interested in throwing a travel themed celebration! 
This unique wedding theme is perfect for the couples who enjoy their leisurely time on the road and try to do so whenever they can. Why not incorporate your love for the world into your special day? Check out these great travel styled ideas that will make the planning process a bit less stressful:
Save the Dates & Invitations
Your save the dates and invites are very important and will be the first things your guests will see. So, be sure to create them so they flow nicely with your theme. Send out passport styled save the dates followed by boarding pass invitations. These will represent the travel theme perfectly and your family and friends will know right off the bat what kind of fun celebration it will be!
Guest Book
Traditional guest books have become less common at weddings due to unique ideas that couples love to use as part of the theme decor. For your travel styled wedding, place a large globe near the entrance of the party and have your guests sign all the different parts of the world! This is not only an original idea but it will make for some great home decor once the celebration has come to an end. 
Seating Cards
Instead of using regular seating cards, create mini paper airplanes with your guests’ name and table number on them! You can use paper maps to make them or you can keep it simple by using colored paper with just their information on it. 
A Place for the Cards
You will be quite busy at your wedding doing a whole bunch of mingling and dancing, so you want to make sure the gifts that come in card form are kept safe. Set up an old suitcase that you don’t mind putting a slit in, and have each guest place their cards inside! The slit will assure that no one can get inside and take any of the cards out without unzipping the entire thing and it is the perfect item to go with your theme! Put the suitcase in a safe location as well, such as right behind the bride and groom’s table. 
Table Numbers
Purchase beautiful white picture frames (or any color you desire) and some old maps to create the ideal table number. Cut the maps and place them inside the frames, or purchase some sheets used for scrapbooking at a local craft store. Once the map paper is set nicely inside the frame, write the number on it or have it printed onto the paper. Be sure the number is large enough for everyone to see and voila!
Put the old maps to use again by incorporating them into your centerpieces! Use mason jars or vases and mod podge the maps onto them. If you’re unfamiliar with mod podging, it is quite simple and steps are offered online to help you get started. If you’re interested in something a bit more simple, set up a globe in the center of each table and surround it with gorgeous floral arrangements and candles.
Thank your guests by sending them home with a sweet something! Put some candies or mints into small rolling suitcases. The suitcase idea will symbolize your theme and your friends and family will enjoy the treat inside, especially those who have a sweet tooth! 
We hope these travel themed wedding ideas help you and guests feel like you’re on a mini vacation for the evening! If you have an idea that goes perfectly with this wedding theme, share with us by commenting below!