College Connection: "...The Best Darn College Planner On Long Island!"

Written by College Whisperer  |  02. January 2012

COLLEGE CONNECTION can help you choose a college, get into college, and find the money to pay for college, all while taking the stress, the worry, the frustration and the madness out of the college application and admissions process. But just don't take our word for it... COLLEGE CONNECTION, what can we say? You took us from anxious and overwhelmed to accepted and overjoyed. Thank you so very much! -- The Russos, East Meadow, NY Never would have been able to complete, let alone submit, the Common Application without you. Step by step, you took us from indecision to early action, answering our questions, calming our fears, and getting us form the starting gate to the finish line. Thanks for everything. -- J & D Napoli, Woodbury, NY The COLLEGE CONNECTION counselor was a big hero in our house...We were so impressed with your services. In fact, you are priceless. Amazing, awesome, so smart... Seriously, it was a COLLEGE CONNECTION lovefest. -- K. O'Brien, Farmingdale, NY I just got my first college decision letter back and I was accepted. . . We're all so happy! Thank you so much for your help. -- E. Goldstein, Syosset, NY The service we got from the COLLEGE CONNECTION counselor was extraordinary. Flexibility of scheduling and personal attention to every detail. The most helpful, I believe, was the essay preparation. -- R. Kelly, Stony Brook, NY COLLEGE CONNECTION found $20,000 in financial aid that we didn't know we were entitled to. Thank you! -- A. Ramson, Jericho, NY 8 for 8 college acceptances, so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you! -- P. Stein, Great Neck, NY You did an amazing job guiding us through the maze that is the college application process. Could not have done it without COLLEGE CONNECTION! -- R. P., Woodbury, NY Ivy Bound! Thanks, in no small part, to COLLEGE CONNECTION. Thank you, from all of us! -- The Quinns, East Williston, NY Our daughter has Aspergers, and we struggled with the very idea of sending her off to college, let alone finding the right college setting, the best programs, and the necessary support to help her -- and us -- through the process, as well as the next four years. COLLEGE CONNECTION really came through for us in every way. Our special needs were met. Our daughter found -- and was accepted to -- a college that we're sure will be the perfect fit. We couldn't be more pleased. --B. &. L. Meyers, Great Neck, NY I was lost in the confusion that is the college application and admissions process. Then came COLLEGE CONNECTION, and, as if through divine guidance, I was found. Your know-how, experience, and hands-on approach were simply incredible. Going that extra mile and adding a caring, personal touch meant so much. Your efforts are not only appreciated, they paid off big time. Accepted to my first choice! Thanks for being there for me. --T.N., Syosset High School Definitely the best kept secret on the college admissions scene. All we can say about COLLEGE CONNECTION is WOW! -- M. & T. Kiely, Bellmore, NY For us, it was all about the essay. Grappling with the topic. Developing a theme. Grasping the intricacies. Keeping it concise, pertinent and compelling. COLLEGE CONNECTION brought it all together. Thank you! -- The Tellers, Old Westbury, NY Our only regret is that we didn't have the benefit of COLLEGE CONNECTION when our first child applied to college. Your services, your in-depth knowledge, your expert guidance made a world of difference. Bravo! -- L. Hayes, Garden City, NY Who but COLLEGE CONNECTION? Indeed! Without question, the best darn college planner on Long Island! -- P. Schwartz, Merrick, NY COLLEGE CONNECTION Planning ~ Guidance ~ Counseling ~ Support Official Sponsor of College Admission Success! College Matching ~ Admission Strategies ~ Application Enhancement ~ Essay Development ~ Scholarship and Financial Aid Sourcing CALL TODAY 516-345-8766 Visit us online at http://www.CollegeConnect.info Comments about our services? Questions? We'd love to hear from you! Call COLLEGE CONNECTION at 516-345-8766 COLLEGE CONNECTION Helping To Navigate The Road To College http://www.CollegeConnect.info 516-345-8766

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