Weekly Workout Schedule

Written by karate  |  01. January 2005

Keeping a Workout Schedule and sticking to it seems especially tough at this time of year.But I can tell you that the Martial Artist with the most self motivation and disipline will reach the highest levels. Hone your skills with good training techniques and you will stay sharp and grow. Start by setting up a daily training calendar,Sunday thru Saturday . Then make a list of your techniques and material that you will be practicing.I believe that you should start and end each training session with stretching. Most martial artists do bag work and its good to get that into your schedule 2-3 times per week. If forms/katas are apart of your art you can space 2 days of katas inbetween bag work sessions. Reaction drills along with weapon techniques can also be regimented into a weekly calendar.If contact sparring is involved make sure you space out these sessions according to your level of experience. Even martial artists that dont contact spar should incorporate a shadow sparring program into your training. All that takes is a mirror and a clock as training equipment. Grabs and your more advanced moves should be done with a training partner. Make sure you and your counterpart have good communication, this can prevent unnecessary injury. Train with your brain as hard as you train your body. Any questions or comments please contact me at AAofSD@aol.com

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