Give It Away in 2005!

Written by organizing  |  01. January 2005

Every day I work with clients who are reluctant to give things away. Things they don't need, use or want. I never try to force people to part with things if they are not comfortable with the notion but if you are a person who has difficulty in this area, I would like you to take a moment to really think about it. Clutter and being surrounded by things we don't want, love, need or use is a major cause of stress. And wouldn't you finally like to be free of that burden upon your shoulders? Getting rid of things has an amazing affect on our lives. Cleared spaces create cleared minds and clear living. Doesn't that sound good? And then there's the most important factor. Wouldn't it feel great to give these items to someone who can really use them? Our overabundance should be looked at as a blessing. Having too much of anything really should be an indicator that it is time to give back to the world. Why not generate some good karma and make room to welcome new things (not necessarily material) into our lives? And with that thought, I would like to share some wonderful organizations that you can donate to this year: Dress for Success This organization helps women who are trying to get off of public assistance and back into the work force by providing them with business attire for interviews. www.dressforsuccess.org Glass Slipper Project Donate your old prom dress, bridesmaid dress, or evening attire to a girl who cannot afford to buy a prom dress. www.glassslipperproject.org Bide A Wee Their wish list includes things such as towels, pillows and blankets for their shelters. www.bideawee.org World Computer Exchange Donate your old computer to someone who can use it. www.worldcomputerexchange.org Habitat for Humanity They will take donations of unused building material. www.habitatforhumanity.org The Wireless Foundation Donate your old cell phone to victims of domestic violence. www.calltoprotect.org Nike Donate your used sneakers that can no longer be worn and they will grind them up to resurface ball courts, tracks and athletic fields. www.nikereuseashoe.com Most Eye Doctors will take donations of old prescription glasses to distribute to people in third world countries, who cannot afford them. I wish you all a prosperous, healthy, happy and organized new year!!

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