Written by childwriting  |  01. January 2000

FROM THE YOUNG READERS/WRITERS CLUB NAME: TECHNOLOGY AND ME TYPE OF CONTEST: WRITING ESSAY (200 WORDS OR MORE) CONCEPT: MUST UNDERSTAND THE PAST TO COMPARE TO THE PRESENT SO YOU CAN PROJECT INTO THE FUTURE. DEADLINE DATE: SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY AUGUST 30TH, 2000 MAIL TO: Dawn of Day Children's Publishing Co., Inc. 488 Leonard Ct. Lindenhurst, NY 11757 GUIDELINES: (YOU ARE THE INTERVIEWER) A) INTERVIEW YOUR PARENTS OR OTHER LOVED ONES IN YOUR LIFE. B) TIME FRAME SHOULD BE WHEN PARENTS OR LOVED ONES WERE THE SAME AGE AS YOU NOW. C) THE INTERVIEWER (YOU) CAN ASK ANY QUESTIONS YOU WANT. There are no wrong or right questions: Ex: What were your normal daily activities when you were my age? Where did you go to meet other young people? What were your favorite, hobbies, interests pastimes? Tell about your clothes? Your favorite outfit? What you wore? What kind of fabrics? (remember ironing) You the interviewer can be as free with questions as you wish, as long as the information received can be compared to the technology in the present. (Your life right now. Was it better back then? Is it better today? What would you keep, or change?) Technology affects us on many levels, not just computers or high tech solutions. D) THINK, AND PUT EFFORT INTO THE QUESTIONS FOR THE INTERVIEW OUTLINE. (Remember this should be a conversation between people, not just a question, answer situation) E) THEN TAKE THIS INFORMATION, BASED ON THE PAST AND PRESENT TO DETERMINE WHERE TECHNOLOGY WILL GO IN THE FUTURE. F) THIS IS TO BE FUN AND DONE ON YOUR FREE TIME; CHANCES ARE YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT LIFE BACK THEN COMPARED TO NOW. THIS WILL MAKE FOR INTERESTING READING AND WRITING. TIP: HAVE YOUR TEACHERS READ YOUR ESSAYS,(get their input) AND ASK IF YOU CAN START AN OPEN DEBATE/DISCUSSION FORUM IN YOUR CLASS. (for extra credit of course) FIRST PLACE WINNER: Will receive a corporate check in the amount of $50.00 and published in the Dawn of Day Quarterly and on the Dawn of Day Website, Plus the Dawn of Day Journal) SECOND, THIRD AND FOURTH PLACE WINNERS: Will be published in the Dawn of Day Quarterly. As always, this is to be a fun and educational. There is a wealth of creativity here, just run with it. There is no wrong or right. This contest is open to any YOUNG PERSON 18 YEARS OLD OR YOUNGER who wants to participate. GOOD LUCK, DAWN OF DAY YOUNG READERS/WRITERS CLUB

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