Written by massagetherapy  |  01. January 2000

MASSAGE THERAPY .... OR.... RUBBING PEOPLE THE RIGHT WAY ON LONG ISLAND By Deirdre O'Malley, LMT. I'm very excited to be able to be a part of LongIsland.com. I've never fancied myself a writer, but I love being a licensed Massage Therapist, and want to take the opportunity to spread the good word about it. I can tell you that massage is "good medicine". I liken it to Mary Poppin's remedy of "a spoonful of sugar". I've been in practice since 1987, and as I sit here at my keyboard, I'm thinking that this is a very broad subject with a lot of levels to it. Because it is a broad topic, I look forward to any input, and questions, or suggestions that you may have. I couldn't possibly think of all topics, and I'm certainly not an expert at all of the types and applications of Massage Therapy. I do know quite a few people in the field, and I will try to get them to contribute a column now and again. And again, I will welcome your articles, interests, input and questions. I'm sure a format will develop, for now I'm willing to just fly with it and see were it takes us...let's enjoy the ride! I received a surprise phone call the other day from Elizabeth Post! Many of you may know her from her work in the New York Society of Medical Massage Therapists. She pretty much sponsored me into the Society so many years ago. She has long since retired out of the actual practice of Massage. I hadn't been in touch with her for such a long time, it was "fabulous" to see that Elizabeth is still doing what she does best, using "delicious", exuberant, expressive language, and exuding love and enthusiasm for our field and those that work in it. "Elizabeth, it really was great hearing from you!" This column is for "public consumption" as well as for Massage Therapists, so I think it would be fitting, in our next column, to begin at the beginning. I'd like to talk about studying Massage Therapy on Long Island. Educational and licensing requirements that are necessary to practice here on Long Island, and throughout the state are important for consumers to understand, as well as for those considering Massage Therapy as a profession. Well, until next time, stay relaxed and do something good for yourself! Hey! Here's an idea....GET A MASSAGE!

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