Road Trip!

Written by babystuff  |  01. January 2000

Road Trip!It's almost summer and that means lots of fun road trips in the future. I actually really like road trips. We did them alot when I was young. My mother would pile me and my older brother in the car along with all our "stuff" and off we went. Sometimes, when I know that it doesn't matter what my hair looks like; I put all the windows completely down and feel the wind rush by my face blowing my hair in every direction. I love to hear the whir of the tires and the gentle "tha-thunk" as the car goes over each crack in the cement highway--it reminds of being a little girl. I'm about 3 or 4 years old, in the back of my Mother's green Ford Galaxy fast-back and we're going to the beach! My mother is driving and her long blonde-hair is in a French twist. She has on her wooden Dr. Scholls and her toenails are painted pink to match the nails on her hands gripped firmly to the steering wheel. The windows are completely open because it's summer and no-one has air conditioning in their cars. I'm too short to see over the seat, so the only thing I can do to pass the time away is watch my Mother's hair gently start coming out of her French twist and listen to the gentle "tha-thunk" as we go over the cement cracks in the highway. Traveling with a baby/child/husband (woops.. did I just type that?!) can be taxing. I find things are usually made easier when you are able to remain flexible. Forget the time. Forget that you JUST stopped at the last rest-stop and you don't even need gas yet. We travel north alot since my Mom lives upstate (by the Canadian border) and we have found that one of the rest-stops on the NY thruway has an indoor McDonaldland Playland Park. This is great because it gives Luc a chance to get out of the dreaded car seat.McDonalds has a pretty nice website that allows you to do a search and find out where they are located along your route and which locations have playgrounds. Face it: happy kids mean happy parents. Need a place to go? Sesame Place is a pretty cool little park to go to and it's not really that far. I would estimate that it's about a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive; depending on who's doing the driving (wink, wink). You can buy the tickets right off the website and they're a few dollars cheaper. If you're going to stay overnight, you might be able to get some tickets thrown in with your hotel room. You could drive out the night before, relax in the hotel, get a couple free tickets, and then go over to the park in the morning after a nice breakfast. Sesame Place is best for kids over 2 years old I think. It's a WATER park so wait until the weather warms up and WEAR your suits there. Links you need: Directions MapQuest More Directions MapBlast Sesame Place McDonalds NY thruway Need some travel stuff? Go to Long Island Baby Stuff! Hotel Info (click here, click on vacations, and they'll list the hotels) All persons wishing to offer kudos or pat me on the back click here, all others.. uh... well, my email's busted. ;-) Please contact me with stuff you know that I don't or stuff you wish I'd talk about! I want to hear from all of you! For some new and relevant info:

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