Ok Here's whats been going on.

Written by lisingles  |  01. January 2000

Well for starters I've given up on people. I mean first off - NO ONE is upfront with anyone else. I continually watch people play these stupid games to get each others attention, and nothing but a smile accross the way ever comes of it. I don't understand why people can't just tell each other how they feel. Why does everyone think it's so bad to show they actually have emotions and thoughts. I mena when I go out and I notice that a guy is noticing me - I say something. Whether its a "Hello my name is Nicole" or a "what's up" I say something. But people seem so shy now. I can't figure it out. And it seems like guys get offended when I try to talk to them. I could be wrong - but thats how they appear. Well, not much new to report here other wise, though I would like to hear responses on how Women and Men feel towards this whole "Getting to know you" scenario. Until next time.....

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