Mosquitoes and Black Flies

Written by babystuff  |  01. January 2000

I used to live in rural Upstate (by Canada) NY. Visitors come to the Adirondacks and comment on the residents good fortune to view its beauty. However beautiful, where there are streams and thick woods; you have mosquitoes and black flies. Now, I must warn you that black flies are not the house flies you may see occasionally. Black flies are a bit larger than gnats and have a vampire-esque way about them. A black fly leaves large welts and little round circles where the blood oozes from on their victims. Every year the little town of Norwood puts on a fireworks display that is really quite pitiful. It's one of those shows where you wait a while between bursts of sound and flickers of light and find yourself saying to the person you're with, "Was that the finale?" Viewing the fireworks can be a challenge. Every fourth of July, if you drive down the Knapp Station Road just outside Norwood, you will see cars parked for miles lined up for the measly display. It's usually warm so you'd want fresh air, but, only a rookie would dare open that window! If you sit quietly, you can see hundreds, maybe thousands, of mosquitoes and black flies trying to get in the car. Usually we turn up the radio to drown out that incessant and eerie "bzzzz" sound. Somehow, one or two mosquitoes always manage to get into the car. We plan to watch the many firework displays of the different townships from our balcony this year in Smithtown, New York. The funny thing is that I am sure I will miss coaxing my husband to take me up to Knapp Station Road in my PJ's to watch the fireworks and brave the mosquitoes and black flies. Copyright 1996, Claudine M. Jalajas Want to see some local fireworks?
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