Meeting People Who are Single...There's got to be a way...

Written by lisingles  |  01. January 2000

Ok, so it has been brought to my attention that when single people go out to a bar the #1 turn off is liquor. Apparently meeting someone when they're "Wrecked" isn't all its cracked up to be. I mean if you're going to a bar and you want to have a few drinks to losen up your inhibitions -- that's normal. But if you really would like to meet someone who could be a potential "relationship" (eh...i hate that word) I've been advised to ask - PLEASE DO NOT GET FALLING DOWN DRUNK! From what I have been told (And sometimes from what I've seen), it's definetly not the most attractive thing in the world. I mean who really wants to talk to someone who's only gonna puke on their shoes at the end of the night? And besides, Think of how much safer it is for you to be in you're right state of mind when dealing with a member of the opposite sex (or same sex in some cases). At least you know you're in control of the situation.

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