Fireworks Precautions

Written by children  |  01. January 2000

According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission , emergency rooms treated nearly 7,000 children for injuries associated with fireworks in 1998 , and in more than haIf the cases, an adult was present. Sparkler Safety Lighting sparklers may seem like a harmless way to celebrate the Fourth of July, but they are quite dangerous. They reach temperatures of at least a thousand degrees and can ignite clothing. The results can be devastating. A recent study found that kids 5 and under, account for almost 70 percent of sparkler injuries.To safeguard your child, don't let him/her hold sparklers, and don't let him/her near anyone who is lighting sparklers or fireworks. DID YOU KNOW THAT ? * 75 million pounds of fireworks are used on 4th of July each year * The cost of those fireworks is $250 million * 13,000 people injured by fireworks annually TEN STEPS TO A SAFER HOLIDAY CELEBRATION 1. Please, stick to public fire work displays for the safety of everyone! If you insist on putting on your own fireworks display: 2. Don't allow young children to play with fireworks. 3. Older children should use fireworks, ONLY if you are there to supervise. 4. Before using, read and follow all warning instructions on the label. 5. Light fireworks outdoors, in a clear area away from houses, bystanders and burnable materials. 6. Keep a bucket of water nearby, for emergencies and to wet down fireworks that don't ignite. 7. Do not handle, or try to re-light malfunctioning fireworks. 8. Never ignite fireworks in a container; glass or metal can become shrapnel. 9. Be sure the fireworks you plan to use are legal. 10. Don't go bare footed--- even in your own back yard. Even after they burn out, sparklers stay hot enough to burn bare feet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! Resources: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Toll free hotline 800-638-8270 For information on obtaining complete firework safety checklists write: The As Safe As Possible Campaign P.O. Box 4312 Great Neck, N.Y. 11023 Please enclose a SASE business sized envelope.

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