Concerts, Concerts, Concerts.... 07/05/00

Written by collegelife  |  01. January 2000

First let me say that I hope everyone had a great weekend, and did something fun for the 4th. All of you who sat with me in traffic on the meadowbrook parkway last night coming home from the fireworks show... glad we could bond. *LOL* Lets talk Concerts this week, I picked this subject for a special reason. I will be attending the Dave Matthews Band concert on Tuesday July 11th at Giants Stadium. Any fellow DMB fans out there??? I hate the fact that they don't come out to Long Island anymore. So lets see what I can dig up that might interest us...
Jones Beach Concerts: Marc Anthonly - July 5 Third Eye Blind & Vertical Horizon - July 28 Santana & Macy Gray - July 29 & 30 Allman Brothers Band - August 4 The Red Hot Chili Peppers / Stone Temple Pilots/ Fishbone - August 12 The Counting Crows / Live - August 18 Nassau Coliseum: Up in Smoke Tour: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Ice Cube - July 19 Westbury Music Fair: Mary J. Blige - July 12
That's all that I see that's very interesting on the Island... let me know if you know of any other area concerts that are good and I will post them. Here is another piece of information, I know that some of the concerts listed above are sold out, but I heard that if you go down to the venue box office the day of the concert, they have extra tickets (ex: tickets returned from radio stations that weren't given out) So you might have a chance, can't guarantee anything...but hey, its worth a try, no? Well, thats it for this week! Take care =) To send Chickie mail CLICK HERE!!

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