Chickie is BACK!! 06/29/00

Written by collegelife  |  01. January 2000

Hi gang, I am back from Cancun. Had a fabulous time. Pictures will get posted eventually...hold tight. In the meantime, here is a little something to keep you occupied with. HOW ABOUT A LITTLE INTERACTIVE ASK CHICKIE??? A conversation I had with one of my friends online. Her name is changed, so don't go trying to message...hehehee... Ohh and check out the new BBS on the bottom of the page, post away! Talk to you all soon..Have a GREAT 4th of July!!! ~Chickie NeedsToKnow: OK I need some help LICollegeLife: OK, shoot! NeedsToKnow: I'm talking to ***** right now, ask chickie =) LICollegeLife: lol NeedsToKnow: how do I ask him...marriage/children...if he has any NeedsToKnow: I really want to know LICollegeLife: well do you know if he has been married, if not, do you suspect that? NeedsToKnow: we've never talked about it NeedsToKnow: and no I don't suspect NeedsToKnow: but he's older...which means I'm assuming NeedsToKnow: which is wrong...but can't help it LICollegeLife: OK, so just ask him, it is a harmless enough question. Say "Have you ever been married?" NeedsToKnow: ok..but how do I bring it up NeedsToKnow: like I just can't say "hi..nice weather, were/are you married?" NeedsToKnow: lol..you know LICollegeLife: You have been talking to him for a while, and its easy enough to assume you'd like to know more about him. So say: "Hey I never asked you this, have you ever been in a serious relationship, engaged, married?" NeedsToKnow: =)..lol...hehehehe NeedsToKnow: see now that I can do LICollegeLife: =) Glad I could help! NeedsToKnow: wow..ask chickie...you give good advice NeedsToKnow: lol LICollegeLife: LOL shut up.. I've been giving it to you for years, you shouldn't be surprised! NeedsToKnow: LOL LICollegeLife: lemme know what he says, k? NeedsToKnow: OK NeedsToKnow: duh..i just did it NeedsToKnow: omg LICollegeLife: OK and? NeedsToKnow: He's never been married and NO children LICollegeLife: great then! NeedsToKnow: =)...this is so bad NeedsToKnow: he said: "so your nosy, I got nuttin to hide, except maybe that mole on my but =o)" LICollegeLife: LOL LICollegeLife: That is very funny actually NeedsToKnow: i know NeedsToKnow: ohhhh...i feel some relief LICollegeLife: well great, now you can make your move, he is single, with no major baggage =) LICollegeLife: hehehe... have fun! To send Chickie mail CLICK HERE!!

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