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Ghosts, spirits, and apparitions are things you read about in ghost stories or watch in horror films. Some enjoy a good fright and others are fascinated by the spirits from beyond. During the Halloween season, people will look for a scare from the haunted houses, but then there are some that don’t want a fake haunted house...they want to see a real one.
Some believe there are real haunted places on Long Island. There is even the Long Island Paranormal Investigators who have been in service for the past 10 years. They investigate urban legends and do private investigations to help people cope with paranormal activity in their homes and other locations.
Many haunted locations are familiar to many Long Islanders. Who has not heard of the Amittyville Horror House or tried to sneak into the Kings Park Psychiatric Center (which is slowly getting demolished)? Behind all the ghost and hoopla, there are genuine histories to these locations that have fascinated.
Amityville Horror House
The story behind this house was that the Lutz family moved into the house and left 28 days later due to paranormal activity. The previous owner of this house was to have killed 6 members of his family in that house. A book was written about this house that has lead to a lot for controversy around the paranormal activity. Various movies have been made as well.
The house’s address has been changed from the well know 112 Ocean Ave, as well as renovated. Inside tours of the home are not available because it is a private residence.
Centereach High School
It is said that the bleachers of Centereach High School are haunted by James Halverson who ran at the track everyday and one morning he and his dog were shot. Some people can feel his presence or even a man running on the 5th lane of the track.
Commack Multiplex Cinemas (closed down)
What can be so scary about a movie theater? Unless, of course, you are going to see a scary movie. Well, some people say they have seen figures and shadows going across the movie screen. Even some employees report lockers being open and doors mysteriously opening. Although the theater is now gone, many still believe that ghosts still haunt that area.
1175 Country House
Stony Brook, NY 11790
This house has a pre-revolutionary story behind it. It is said to be haunted by Annette Williamson, the daughter of a former owner. She had allowed British soldiers to stay in the home and was believed to be a spy. She was hung on the second story rafters and her spirit haunts the kitchen and stairways. Visitors say they can hear her cries and light bulbs flicker.
The restaurant has a “Ghost Bar” where you can view pictures of Annette Williamson.
Edgewood State Hospital
Although mostly demolished hospital, it is believed that the spirits of staff and patients still roam the woods where the hospital used to be. Some have even reported screams being heard and misty figures in the woods.
Fire Island Lighthouse
This landmark is said to be haunted by a caretaker who hanged himself in the original lighthouse and the doors, although heavy, open and close on their own.
Fort Hill Cemetery
Cemeteries always seem to be a place where many believe paranormal activity takes place. Some say you can hear the drums of the Montaukette Indians and their chief whose spirits are still in that cemetery.
Fort Slongo Battlefield
Now called Fort Salonga, this battlefield was the location of an American Revolutionary battle. Many claim to hear gunshots and other battle noises taking place early in the morning. 
Kings Park Psychiatric Center
*Note that access to the grounds is limited and entry into buildings is forbidden by law.
This is a legendary location on Long Island where many Long Islanders have broken into to see the facilities. From inside and outside the many buildings, people have reported yells and screams of deceased patients. Some say they can see ghosts in the windows. 
Although you cannot go into the buildings, you can drive through the grounds for a quick peek. The grounds are monitored by the police. 
Pizza Hut in Centereach
Interested in meeting a ghost while getting a slice of pizza with a ghost? No? Well, don’t go to the bathroom at this Pizza Hut where it is said that someone died there. Some say they can hear whispers and employees claim pots and pans fall off the shelves on their own. 
Sweet Hollow Road
Although no town records show it, there are many legends behind the haunted overpass on Sweet Hollow Road. One story says that 3 boys committed suicide by hanging themselves off the Northern State Parkway overpass bridge and on some nights you can see shadows. 
Another story surrounds a bus full of children that died after their bus fell off the overpass, some say they feel their car being pushed out from under the overpass, as if the children are trying to get the car out of harms way.
There is yet another story surrounded around children related to this haunted location. 
There is another story about a girl who got pushed out of her car and haunts the overpass. She is known as the white lady.
The fourth story around this road is that a police officer was shot when he pulled over a driver. It is said that if you are driving on the road, you might get pulled over by a cop who will just let you go, but as he walks away you will see the back of his head blown out from the shotgun that killed him.
1303 Round Swamp Road
Old Bethpage, NY 11804
With homes ranging in ages from pre-Civil War, Old Bethpage Village Restoration will not only teach you about early Long Island living, but you might see from ghost if you look carefully. From a boy who was locked up in Conklin House to mysterious new cravings in the homes wood after paranormal activities taking place.
This is a must-see location for the historian or paranormal investigator.
Lake Ronkonkoma
It is said this lake is haunted because there is at least one person who drowns at this lake. The story behind this haunted location comes from early American history. It is about a Native American woman who was in love with a European. Due to her tribe feeling betrayed, they killed her and now she haunts the lake. 
Another story centered around Native Americans was a love story of two a man and a woman from different tribes who were love, but not given permission to marry. The man was distraught and rowed a boat into the middle of the lake to commit suicide. It is said that he haunts the lake. 
145 West Main Street
Smithtown, NY 11787
Katie’s is a popular bar in Smithtown and home to a ghost named Charlie. It is said that he was a bartender and bootlegger during the 1920s. After committing suicide, he continues to frquently visit the bar and many patrons have felt or seen him.
Morgan Hall
Route 107
Glen Cove
This former estate of J.P. Morgan is said to be haunted by his daughter, Alice, who died to typhoid fever in the mansion.
Port Jefferson Ferry
Port Jefferson
It has been reported by many that a ghost haunts the ferries as they travel the sound. They report that the ghost must have been a captain because of a uniform he wears, but it is weathered.
Camp Hero
In this base is believed to have been secret government experiements related to UFOs or testing of time travel. It is said two boys were kidnapped to see if they can be sent into another dimension. Another rumor is that there is a a door to the fourth dimension in this facility and that it was opened by someone who let out a creature from the fourth dimension who still resides below the camp.
Hanging Tree
The Hanging Tree is located in Patchogue off Grove Avenue near the Swan River. Stories say that this spot was used back in colonial times as a place to hang accused witches. Paranormal investigators have been pushed, had equipment knocked from their hands and EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) have been found here.

Raynham Hall
This twenty room house in Oyster Bay, now a museum house and the only one accredited by the American Association of Museums on Long Island, was used in the American Revolution by the Townsend family. British Major John Andre  is said to haunt the building along with other spirits. Many museum employees and visitors claim to smell apple pie and cinnamon wafting through the house. This is considered to be a welcome from the lady in the kitchen.

Reid’s Ice Cream Factory
Once a factory used to store ice cream for Reid’s Ice Cream Corporation of Brooklyn, this warehouse was closed down in the 1920s and later demolished in 2003. There are two central stories regarding this location.
One involves a female dancer who goes to the factory one night with a man and is murdered. People have reported hearing sounds of a woman screaming and crying. People passing the area have also claimed to see the figure of a woman on the property. The other story connected to Reid’s is one of a young boy who fell to his death on the property. People claim to hear the boy playing and odd incidents with doors opening and closing on their own have been reported.

Wickham Farmhouse
In 1854 the Wickham farmhouse in Cutchogue was the site of a gruesome axe murder. Mr. and Mrs. Wickham were killed in their own home by a farmhand. The farmhand was caught days later and hung in Riverhead in front of an angry mob of onlookers. Sounds of footsteps upstairs have been reported at the farmhouse. Then in 1988 Anne and John Wickham awoke to a dark figure standing over their bed in the middle of the night. After that incident the bedroom was sealed up tight and hasn’t been opened since.
Oheka Castle
This 126-room, 109,000 sq ft mansion in Huntington was built in the 1900s by wealthy banker Otto Herman Kahn. Supposedly the mansion has secret tunnels, passageways and rooms. In the basement there is also a curious area with bars resembling a cage. People have claimed to see shadow figures lurking around the property and when people have gone to take a photo of Otto Kahn’s portrait their cameras have gone off without them touching the button. Nowadays the mansion is used as a luxurious catering hall for weddings and events. Overnight stays are also available to the mansion, that is if you’re willing to spend a pretty penny.
If you know any other real haunted locations on Long Island, and think it should be added to this list, let us know! Email us at and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP!


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