Long Island Plumbers

Local plumbing services offer relief for home and business owners with pipe problems or water system problems. Plumbers are often called in to repair leaks or other problems with a home or businesses plumbing. The types of pipes a plumbing service works on ranges from water, sewage and waste water pipes to gas lines. Plumbers also deal with broken or clogged toilets since they are connected to the sewage system in the home or business. Besides fixing broken or leaky pipes, plumbers also install new fixtures and appliances that hook up to pipes. A plumbing service can install gas appliances to the gas lines in your home, like a dryer or a stove. They can also hook up your refrigerator to a water line for an internal ice maker or water dispenser. Plumbers also install new sinks, bathtub fixtures, showers and toilets into new homes and homes that are being remodeled.

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