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Suffolk & Nassau Ramping Up Highway Police Presence for Holiday Season

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Nassau and Suffolk are implementing zero-tolerance policies for those caught drinking and driving.

The holiday season is a festive time where people can kick back and enjoy themselves after a long year of hard work. Some of the biggest party nights are nights before holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s because of this Suffolk and Nassau County will increase police activity on our highways. Both counties are implementing strict zero-tolerance policies - with Nassau calling their program "Stop DWI."
Expect traffic checkpoints in both Counties as officers are looking for anyone violating DUI, seatbelt, and cell phone laws. More than 500 additional hours of DWI Patrols have been added in Nassau. Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano says, “There will be additional police patrols throughout the County and chances are if you drive drunk at any point this weekend, you will be arrested.”
If you plan to drink, Mangano advises to have a designated driver, take mass transit, or spend the night in the place the activity is being held. 
The Suffolk County Police Department says they will be highly visible on highways and also in stores starting on November 27th. This increase is set to last until January 1st. Police will be patrolling on foot, bicycle, and in their cars for areas around shopping centers to assist in crowd control during the busy holiday season. The SCPD’s annual Handicapped Enforcement Initiative will also begin and officers will be on hand to enforce handicapped parking regulations.  
If needed Auxiliary police, the Canine and Emergency Service Sections, and Highway Patrol Bureau will be utilized and ready at all times. 
“I wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season,” Suffolk County Executive Bellone said.  “The Suffolk County Police Department is doing all it can to ensure a safe holiday season for Suffolk County residents. As you are hosting parties within your home please continue to abide by Suffolk County’s Social Host law.”
The Social Host Law states it is unlawful for anyone over the age of 18 who owns, rents, or controls a private residence to knowingly allow the consumption of alcohol or alcoholic beverages on their premises. The first offense is a fine punishable by up to $500. The second, and further offences, include a $1,000 fine and a stay in jail which cannot exceed one year.


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