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Governor Cuomo Announces 40 Tax Preparers Suspended Under New Regulations

Initial suspensions act on new regulations to protect 7 million New Yorkers each year that use a tax preparer.

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Albany, NY - July 30, 2014 - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the results of an initial crackdown on tax preparers, a service which over seven million New Yorkers use, with the suspension of 40 tax preparers who failed to file their own personal income tax returns for 2011 and 2012. Once suspended, preparers cannot legally complete or file a client’s state tax returns for compensation.

“These new rules were put into place to protect taxpayers and ensure those entrusted to prepare tax returns abide by real professional standards,” Governor Cuomo said. “By disqualifying those who fail to live up to their responsibilities, we are strengthening the system and ensuring that the millions of New Yorkers who use a tax preparation service receive what they paid for.”

New York is only one of four states in the nation that regulates the tax preparer industry in an effort to reduce errors and omissions on tax returns, reduce fraud, and increase the level of competence and ethics among preparers. Governor Cuomo announced new regulations in March to identify and stop fraud and scams with new, comprehensive rules covering the 40,000 tax preparers throughout the state.

Commissioner of Taxation and Finance Thomas H. Mattox said, “It’s this simple: if you don’t file your own taxes, you shouldn’t be allowed to file returns for other New Yorkers. Without our new regulations, we would have no recourse against these preparers or others who are plainly unqualified.”

Under the new regulations, most paid tax preparers are required for the first time to pass a State competency examination, take annual continuing education, be at least 18 years of age and have a high school or equivalency diploma. The Tax Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility holds the authority to discipline a tax return preparer who fails to comply with his or her own federal, state or local tax obligations in a timely fashion.

The Tax Department also recently issued 56 suspension letters. Of these, 16 preparers who received the disciplinary notices filed a formal protest challenging the action, which is allowed under regulations, and these appeals are currently under review.

File a complaint
If you are aware of any tax preparers who have engaged in illegal or improper conduct, please contact our office at 518-530-HELP or file a complaint online.

List of Suspended Tax Preparers

New York City


Alonso, Victor                         
Ausfresser, Jeffrey                
Blades, Jarrod                        
Guillermo, Jose                      
Maduro, Julia                         
Moore, Leval                          
Olivencia, Charlos                
Valedez, Lynn                        
Williams, Monique    


Charoo Mathews, Yvette       
Henryhaynes, Joyce             
Preston, Calvin      


Bivins, Raymond                   
Calderon, Henry                    
Taveras, Juan                        
Terrero, Jose     


Bazelais, Lorraine
Chicca, Louis

Cuadrado, Raymond
Davis, Therese
Diaz, Clara
Huben Greenburg, Joanne 

Moran, Johnny

Sanabria, Maria
Ventimiglia, Salvatore 

Whittaker, Marie


College Point

Rego Park


Richmond Hill

Belle Harbor



Far Rockaway


Broome County

Edwards, Ida  

Johnson City



Erie County

Fulton, Patricia




Madison County


Scavone, Phillip




Monroe County


Devuyst, Susan




Nassau County


Walsh, David




Oneida County


Dagostino, Joseph 


Roberts, Susan




Orange County


Santoro, Sean 




Putnam County


Hernandez, Alberto 

Cold Spring



Suffolk County


Bono, Jose

Bay Shore

Marciante, Vincent

West Babylon



Westchester County


Digiroloamo, Lena


Roquel, Ivonne  


Waldron, Brian