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Suffolk County Executive Signs Puppy Mill Bill into Law!

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Long Island Orchestrating for Nature lauds recent Suffolk County legislation.

Suffolk Couny, NY - June 17, 2014 - Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone signed Suffolk County's Puppy Mill Bill into law today
The first of its kind in the state, this law will prohibit pet dealers in Suffolk County from sourcing animals from any facility with recent USDA violations, will enlarge the cage size animals are allowed to be held within, add signs on primary enclosures notifying customers of the state where the animal was bred, and add a sign notifying customers that USDA inspection reports are available upon request; among other protections.  
Thank you to Legislator Jay Schneiderman, tireless advocate Barbara Dennihy, and all who worked to create the strongest puppy mill regulations currently in the state!
Governor Cuomo Vows to Sign Felony Ivory Bill!
While we were celebrating our win in Suffolk County, Governor Cuomo announced another win for the entire state!  
A three-way deal has been reached on legislation to inhibit the trade of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horns in New York.
While this deal will allow some movement of musical instruments containing small pieces of existing ivory, this law will make it a felony to sell ivory worth $25,000 or more and ban the sale of other items obtained before the current cut-off year of 1975.  
Not only will this new law help battle elephant extinction, but it will also potentially cut into resources of terrorist groups who are responsible for poaching.
Please thank Long Island Assemblyman Robert Sweeney for his great efforts on this important bill!
Fighting for a humane Long Island,
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