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Suffolk SPCA Offers Pet Safety Tips for Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is celebrated to honor the men and women in the military, who served our country and who gave their lives in battle to ...

Suffolk County, NY - May 24th, 2014 - Memorial Day is celebrated to honor the men and women in the military, who served our country and who gave their lives in battle to keep us safe. It is also a time to remember the many courageous dogs who also went to war.
We celebrate by having BBQs where we cook hamburgers and hot dogs so it is important for those of us who have furry companions to make sure that our pets are safe while we party. To ensure their Memorial Day safety, here are a few safety tips to consider.
1: Keep alcoholic beverages away from pets. Alcohol is poisonous to pets and can cause vomiting, upset stomach, and worse.
2: No table scraps for your pet. Feed them their regular diet to prevent upset stomachs and other digestive upsets. Some food like onions, grapes, and avocados are poisonous to dogs and cats. Let your guests know that table scraps cannot be given to your pet.
3: Remember to make sure that your pet always has plenty of fresh, clean water available.
4: Keep matches, lighter fluid, and candles out of reach from your pet. If your pet ingests any of these things, his nervous system, stomach, and lungs can be severely affected. Before your fire up the grill, make sure your pet is not near it.
5: Keep gates, doors, and fences closed. You don't want your dog or cat wandering away. Remind all your guests not leave any patio doors open.
The Suffolk County SPCA wishes you an safe Memorial Day!

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