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Governor Cuomo Directs State Action to Improve Traffic Safety on Conklin Street in Farmingdale Following Tragic Accident

Press Releases

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a series of traffic safety measures that will be implemented on Conklin Street in Farmingdale, Nassau County, following a ...

Farmingdale, NY - May 15, 2014 - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a series of traffic safety measures that will be implemented on Conklin Street in Farmingdale, Nassau County, following a tragic car crash that claimed the lives of five teenagers.

The Governor today sent a letter to Farmingdale Mayor Ralph Ekstrand detailing the safety measures the state is undertaking following the accident.

“I was deeply saddened to learn of the tragic accident on Conklin Street in Farmingdale that has claimed the lives of five local teenagers,” Governor Cuomo wrote in the letter to Mayor Ekstrand. “It is clear that more must be done to help ensure the safety of drivers and residents in the area around Conklin Street. My administration will continue to take every available action we can through engineering, education, and enforcement to avoid tragic accidents like this in the future.”

Speed Control Trailers: This week, the State installed two speed control trailers along Conklin Street to inform motorists of their speed and encourage them to obey speed limits.

New Radar Technology to Control Speed: The Governor announced the State will install new radar technology that utilizes traffic signals to help control motorists speed. When speeding vehicles are identified by these radar devices, a connected traffic signal switches to red, forcing drivers to come to a stop. The State will install the first of these devices at the corner of Conklin and Walnut Streets, near the site of the tragic accident.

Traffic Safety Review: The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee will be working together with traffic boards and police departments from both Nassau and Suffolk Counties to review ongoing efforts and recommend further courses of action – including measures to warn of the dangers of drag racing – pending the results of the local investigation.

Lane Modifications: The State is also reviewing the possibility of modifying lane configurations on Conklin Street to add further traffic safety measures. These modifications may include reducing lane width, eliminating excess lanes, increasing median widths, creating turn lanes, and adding additional traffic signals.

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